Discover one of the ultimate pearls of the Aegean!

Boutique Hotel LerosIf we were to define what it is that makes Leros unique compared to the other Dodecanese islands, we would say that it’ the capacity to provide very strong emotions, whilst preserving an unspoilt character. Behind the serene surface one will discover irresistible charms – enchanting coves, pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters – while heaven and earth will unite in an unprecedented riot of colours. Seemingly silent and distant, Leros knows how to highlight its countless treasures in a very special and distinctive way, which will make you cherish it all your life… In this place nostalgia is contagious: not only does it affect the locals, but it also overwhelms those who visit here.

Around the island on two or four wheels

Leros has good roads and you can explore her by car or by motorbike. It also offers hiking and biking routes, because of its smooth landscape. Discover the flora and fauna of the island strolling through the hills and mountains, hanging out with the sun, the wind and the deep blue Aegean sea. You will find several marked trails, as well as unmarked ones that are waiting to lead you to new, exciting trekking experiences. There is an excellent Leros guide for walkers, with detailed maps and instructions for places all around the island.

Boutique Hotel LerosTo explore the southern part of the island, go from Platanos towards Lakki. If you turn left just before Lakki, you will find yourself in the beautiful bay of Ksirokambos with a fine sandy beach and turquoise-blue crystal clear waters. If you reach Lakki and continue along the beach to Koulouki, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the scenic route towards Merikia, which ends up in Kokkina, a secluded small bay with red sand. To visit the largest sandy beach of Leros head to Gourna through Rakhi enjoying a route of unique beauty through the hills. After a day in the sun, you may descend towards Drymonas and indulge in the local delicacies at the ouzo place “Sotos”, which overlooks the most beautiful sunset of Leros. This experience will be unforgettable … And in the northern part of the island, you may swim in the crystal clear waters of the bay Blefouti and combine your walk with lunch at one of the taverns in the area. You will not regret it!

Water Sports

Boutique Hotel LerosThe island of Leros with the approximately 71 km long beaches and her many coves, apart from swimming, is ideal for all kinds of water sports including pedal boats, canoeing, water skiing and windsurfing. The water stays warm and pleasant until November. At the Watersports Centre on the Alinda beach, during the first ten days of August you may watch yacht races. If you find yourself on the island in September, do not miss the Trawl – the Fishermen’s celebration taking place in Panteli, with plenty of fresh fish dishes, high spirits and, of course, traditional music. The whole island is rich with fishing spots, a real paradise for any amateur fisherman. Grab your tackle and simply choose a beach!

If, on the other hand, you are fond of the underwater and the seabed, discover the amazing wealth of the deep sea following a diving team. The sea of Leros is an underwater museum, hiding many wrecks of World War II in its depths, mostly airplanes and ships sunk during the 52-day Battle of Leros. Dive into the clear blue waters and let yourself go to the magic of the fabulous underwater…

Excursions to the islands around Leros

Boutique Hotel LerosLeros is surrounded by several small islands and islets, small paradises waiting to be explored. Most of them are rich fishing grounds and have waters of incomparable beauty, for example Piganoussa, Tripiti, Strongili, Archangel and others. You may visit Lipsi, Aspronisia, Arki, Marathi, Macronisi, Tiganakia islands on organized tours that depart daily from the port of Agia Marina. For greater comfort and adventure you can rent a small boat or a launch, exclusively for you and your company. Ask us to organize your trip and we will take care of everything, from the boat and your route up to the basket with sandwiches and fruits to take with you. You simply have to bring with you your good mood, plenty of sunscreen and be ready to enjoy! Alternatively we can arrange a trip to one of the nearby islands with a diving team, where you can enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters or exploring the rich ecosystem of the area with expert guides.

Meet the locals and their culture

Boutique Hotel LerosThe uniqueness of Leros is due not only to the beautiful beaches and its breathtaking scenery, but also to the Lerians themselves. Hospitable and warm, they hold a genuine welcome for you in the cafes, the restaurants and the shops. They are industrious, with deep love for their land and a respect for its history and traditions. Get to know their culture through the many events held during the summer, such as art exhibitions, classical music concerts, traditional music and dance, and theatrical performances for children and adults. Look for the programme or ask us about the sights you are interested in. Participate in religious festivals and see local music and dance, like the patron saint of Agia Marina on July 17 and St. Fanourios in Ksirokambos on August 27. Celebrate the 15th of August along with the Lerians in a unique and unforgettable way at the Holy Virgin of the Castle, overlooking the deep blue see…

Boutique Hotel LerosCome dance with us to the rhythms of an ancient tradition, immerse yourself in the glow of the Aegean and live new experiences that will fill you with dreams, hope and optimism for the future.

Leros is waiting for you!

Enjoy our hospitality!

Boutique Hotel Leros


The photographing of the rooms is a courtesy of Markos Spanos.