Your island home

The White Suite or the Garden Room is a self-contained room with a terrace that gives you a sense of your own, private space. It offers privacy, solitude and wonderful views.

This area, which formerly served as the mansion’s laundry room, has now been converted into a very special space. What characterizes it is the simplicity of island style and smooth traditional interiors. A beautiful wooden bed adorns the sleeping area. The mattress is made of 100% cotton, cool, but above all eco-friendly, free of synthetic materials. The pillows by Joutsen, the Finnish company, will help you enjoy a good night's sleep as they mold under your head.

The old trunk which was found in the house has been painted by a Greek artist in a green-turquoise colour, the traditional colour of the island. The window overlooks the garden and the Apitiki hill with the windmills, while from the veranda one can gaze towards the open sea and the Turkish shores opposite.

The garden room is ready to offer you unique moments of relaxation.

It is air-conditioned.