For comfort and luxury

If what you are looking for is comfort and luxury, then we unreservedly recommend you the Red Suite; a suite in a red cinnabar background which offers warmth and relaxation, overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea and the Castle of Panagia.

The brass canopy bed - 1920 - gives you a comfortable and relaxed sleep with its orthopedic Media Strom mattress and the naturally adapting Finnish pillows of Joutsen company. The wooden chest that was found during the renovation of the building was owned by the Tsaliki family. The walnut wardrobe ornamented by a lovely carving, was found in an Athens antique shop.

The fixtures are works of the Artemide Italian designer house. The ceiling fan is from the 1900s, made in England, from where it travelled to India and later made its way to a Paris antique-shop, from there it was purchased in 2008 for the Maison des Couleurs.

The bathroom is beautiful, also painted in shades of red cinnabar and decorated in the parisian style, with Italian porcelain and an antique crystal Swarovski chandelier.

The Red Suite with its lovely view will enchant you from the very first moment.