Simplicity and luxury

Walking up the old wooden staircase, which starts from the reception, and admiring original frescoes that decorate the area, you will find yourself in the Blue Suite, a simple yet luxurious suite.

The decor of the Blue Suite is minimal. The area is dominated by the antique iron bed uniquely ornamented with traditional canopy and bed sheets of the Descamps linen house. The tripod of an old Greek Army camera has been transformed into a floor lamp by the antiquarian Gerasimos Koujianos.

The wall lights are works of Artemide, the Italian designer house. The ceiling fan, made in England in 1900, travelled all the way to India to be found later in an antique shop in Paris, from where it was purchased in 2008.

From the windows of the suite, the view embraces the village of Platanos and Panteli bay with the island of Saint Kyriaki, all the way to the shores of ancient Ionia (now Turkey).

The bathroom of the Blue Suite, a unique combination of luxury and simplicity, will enchant you. The antique chandelier made of Swarovski crystal decorates and illuminates this special place. The well-preserved wooden floor gives uniqueness to the atmosphere. The Italian cast-iron bathtub will give you the feeling of a bygone era.