A few words about us

After eight years of Stella Sandaltzopoulos’ personal work and care, in the spring of 2009 mansion Tsaliki opened its doors. The old villa was completely renovated and transformed into a beautiful boutique hotel with five unique independent suites, a garden and terraces set against the incredible backdrop of the endless blue of the Aegean and the Castle. Its beautiful and discreet corners offer warmth and coziness. Following the traditions of the island and those of the building’s history, the hotel is ready to accommodate all those who seek relaxation and enjoyment throughout the year, in a historical townhouse which meets modern accommodation requirements.

The vivid colours, made with aged lime and natural pigments - part of a long tradition - is what makes each suite so unique. Carefully chosen old furniture and objects coexist harmoniously with special fabrics that enhance the ambiance together with the architecture. All these elements combine to bring about a unique experience.

Breakfast is served in the hotel garden. The silverware from the old cruisers and the crisp white tablecloths are the setting for a breakfast that includes homemade jams, cheeses of the island, fresh vegetables and juices, homemade cakes, pies, pastries and more. The menu changes daily and offers an opportunity to taste the flavours of Leros.

You will find the hostesses Ivana and Stella more than ready to make you feel at home and to assist in your comfort all year round.